From the most basic birth plan writing session to a full labor and postpartum package, we at Broward Family Doulas want to help your family feel comfortable and empowered while on your journey. We offer a wide variety of customizable services so that we can meet your needs and let you know we are here for you every step of the way.

**All services are offered and contracted through Concierge Doulas of South Florida**



At Broward Family Doulas, we believe in the principles of consistent, compassionate, non-judgmental support. When choosing to partner with us for your labor journey, you can rest assured that you will be receiving a well-trained, enthusiastic team of doulas who are willing to meet you where you are and support you, regardless of your birthing desires. Whether you wish to have a quiet birth at home, a planned cesarean birth, or anything in between, we firmly believe you have the right to choose and plan for the birth scenario that is right for you and your family. We guarantee that you will be provided with detailed, individualized, non-medical care and support that exceeds your expectations.



Postpartum Doula Services are designed to help the new family adjust smoothly to life with the newest family member(s). From waking with the baby at night, to helping you meal prep, Broward Family Postpartum Doulas are there for you every step of the way to help ensure that you feel supported and confident in your parenting journey. Our doulas are up-to-date on all of the latest safety advisories, and are aware of current standards for ‘best practice’ on all things newborn and infant.

Our Postpartum Doulas also hold various additional certifications, such as CPST, Newborn Care Specialist, AAP Safe Sleep Specialist, and more. With our doulas, you are truly received the premier in infant and family care.



We are pleased to announce that we offer Placenta Services. Whether you want to be involved in the process, or simply sit back and relax, we are equipped to process and prepare your placenta in a sterile, professional manner. All placenta services are provided in the comfort of your own home. You will transport the placenta from your birthing location to your home using one of our Placenta Transportation Kits, and your placenta specialist will meet you there to process your placenta from start to finish.  The reason for our exclusively in-home process is so that you can see firsthand the degree of sanitation and professionalism we use when preparing your placenta, while ensuring no cross-contamination. You will know without a doubt that it is your placenta being prepared. We will provide all the equipment necessary for all of our services, and will clean thoroughly when we are finished, leaving your kitchen looking exactly as we found it. The only things we will require from you are a sink, a stove top, and some counter space.



Whether you choose to attend our group or private childbirth education classes, you will receive unbiased education and training on various aspects of labor and delivery. Topics include things like current protocols in place at your birth place of choice, various options for pain relief, position changes and body positioning for labor, cesarean protocol and what to expect, newborn protocol and procedure, the healing process, how to determine when labor has arrived, and more. Any and all questions you have will be answered, and you will gain an understanding of the birth process as well as the immediate postpartum period.

We also offer a private birth planning session, where you can sit down with us and put together a clear, concise birth plan that is yours to distribute as you choose. We keep the focus on fun, allowing you to learn your options and make choices in a non-judgmental, stress free environment.